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Steve Nelson Jr.

Timberline Homes Insurance (THI) is managed by Steve Nelson, Jr. Steve has been with Timberline Homes since 2001. Steve has 30 years of experience and has been a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) for 25 years. While THI specializes in mobile home insurance, we also write other lines of business, too. These include auto and homeowners as well as motorcycle and boat insurance. In addition, THI also has competitive life insurance rates. THI is a full-service agency and is a member of the Alabama Independent Insurance Agents (AIIA). Formed in March 2001, THI insures mobile homes for Timberline Homes clients as well as anyone looking for a new insurance provider. We have many markets and are able to write insurance not only in Alabama but also in Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee. For more information about THI services give Steve a call at (251) 867-4316 or click the "Contact Me" button below.